Kids are fun

I guess the kids decided to create and ride the alphabet train.  Its from Blues Clues.

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Working again

I finally decided fix the blog after much complaining from Liz.  I love you.

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Eric is TWO

Eric is officially 2, but acts like he is about 3 1/2. He is such a crazy little boy and I can’t help but love him for every ounce of his personality.

He talks in complete sentences. With the filler words too. One of my favorite recent conversations with him was while we were passing Grant’s school. Eric: “It’s Grant’s school day today?” Me: “No, Grant doesn’t have school today.” Eric (really excited): ” Is it my school day today?!?” Man I wish I could send that little boy to school.

He can count to four on his own. This I attribute to us counting as we go up and down the stairs. Since their are plenty of stairs in the house, he started counting on his own really quickly.

He is getting SO independent. He likes to do EVERYTHING himself. If Grant can do it, he can do it. He climbs on and off the barstools by himself. He puts on his rain boots. But that…I suppose is all just being two…

I think the thing that gets me the most of him is how he understands things. Last week he was carrying his blankie all over the house. When it was bedtime, blankie was somewhere downstairs. Aunt Sarah said to Eric “Eric, you know that your blankie is supposed to stay in your bed. If you carry it all over, then it isn’t there when you want it. You are going to have to go to sleep without it tonight.” Grant would have protested and completely had a meltdown (and with how much Eric loves his blankie, I totally would have expected him to as well. But his simple reply with a sniffle was ” Okay.” Then he laid down, grabbed another blanket and went to bed.

Really I just love that Eric has overall been an easy child for me. Let’s hope the next one can follow suit…

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Washer/Dryer Stand

Have I ever mentioned how much I love In case I haven’t, I LOVE ANA WHITE! 

As much as I love my house, I hated the laundry room.  It is narrow, and was always collecting laundry. Most of the time I wasn’t even able to even walk into the laundry room. Luckily for me, unfortunately for you, Chad didn’t take a before picture prior to putting the stand into the laundry room.

When I saw this plan about a month ago I was ecstatic.  I knew that it would transform my laundry room into a functional space; one I could fall in love with.  I was surprised, however, that Chad was just as excited about the project and in less than one month I had my new laundry room!

So here it is, my washer and dryer pedestal.  Thank you Chad and Ana!



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Greyson’s Birthday Party

Last weekend we went to Greyson’s 2nd birthday party.  Greyson is Kiera’s older brother and Rory’s little brother.  Stuck in the middle of two girls…poor little guy. 


For his birthday, he got to have a party at the children’s museum. He lucked out since his new sister was only born about a month ago and his mommy didn’t want to have to clean her house before and after a party.  My boys LOVE the children’s museum, so the hardest part for them was being in the party room before it was time to actually go out and play!

Greyson and his cake:

Grant helped open gifts:

Until Greyson decided that he would just watch Grant open gifts:

Eric being cute:

Baby sister Kiera:

Grant, Rory, and Eric being Dentists:

Mommy and Grant:


And a fight between the two year olds:

We had such a great time at the party. Thanks again Bethany and Brandon for letting us be a part:).

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My outdoor boy.


Grant could care less if he were outside, so now having a boy who loves all things dirt, rocks and outdoors is a little new to me.?? This past weekend we had weather in the 50′s, so we took the opportunity to walk around our 5 acre property.?? It was awesome to see all the possibilities with the creek, bridges, ravine, waterfall, etc.? It is going to be beautiful someday, but it’ll take many hands and much work to get it there.? Because of that walk, our 6 inch snowfall was slightly depressing to me.? I want to be out cleaning up sticks and having bonfires now….? Eric on the other hand was begging to go back out on the morning after? the snowstorm.?? I went out with him for about twenty minutes while Chad was snowblowing and when I brought him in you would have thought I was torturing him.? That was yesterday.? Today Eric tried conning daddy into taking him to work with him.? When that didn’t work, he moved onto me.?? Next stop, grandma.?? And because grandma is a sucker for that sweet little face, she helped him put on his shoes.? He then raced into the kitchen and grabbed both his inner liner and his coat and paused only long enough for me to take a picture before heading out the door.?? I’m thinking it’s official: Eric and I both have cabin fever.? Spring,? please come soon!

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