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101 in 1001

START: MAY 27, 2009



1.Paint basement.  6/5/09

2. Decide on a theme for the boy’s room and decorate it accordingly.

3. Frame Grant and Eric’s hospital pictures.

4. Buy furniture for the basement living room.

5. Make a quilt for my bed.

6. Sew or buy curtains for our bedroom.

7. Find and re-finish a used bookshelf.

8. Organize garage so both cars can be parked inside.

9. Make a towel holder.

10. Organize my closet with a California Closets-like system.


11.  Visit Stepping Stones Montessori and decide whether or not to send Grant there for preschool.

12. Take the boys to the zoo.

13.  Go to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

14.  Start doing Family Home Evening.

15. Frame family pictures.

16. Go on a vacation with my parents.  Nauvoo, Illinois October 2009

17.  Run through the sprinklers with Grant.

18.  Let Grant help cook something.

19. Take each of my boys out on a mommy/son date.


20. Go on a date with Chad twice a month for 3 consecutive months.

21. Find a new way to show Chad I love and appreciate him every day for a week.

22. Go out to lunch/dinner with a different friend once a week x 4 weeks.

23.  Make a new friend. 

24.  Send a random card to a friend.

25.  Call an old friend.

26.  Invite a new family over for dinner.

27.  Have a football party with friends.

28. Go on a trip with just Chad and no kids.

29.  Take my parents out for dinner and a movie.


30.  Work out for 3o minutes, 3 times a week for  three months.

31.  Run a 5k.

32.  Include vegetables in every meal for two weeks.

33.  Go 2 weeks (while working) without drinking any caffeine.

34.  Give up candy/ sweets for two weeks.


35.  Have $6000 in our savings account.

36. Eliminate all credit card debt.

37.  Sell at least one item on Craig’s List.

38.  Make a big purchase with cash.

39.  Pay off a vehicle loan.


40. Washington DC

41. Mackinac Island

42. Cedar Point

43. Nauvoo, Illinois

44. Wisconsin State Fair


45.  Become ACLS certified.

46.  Get a different job.    5/28/09

  • Wow finished this one quicker than I thought!  Got a random call from Metro Health offering me a per diem (on call/resource) position in their maternal/child department.  I start the beginning of July!

47.  Become a certified nurse.

48.  Take a statistics course to prepare for Master’s program.

49.  Go to a nursing conference.


50.  Read Book of Mormon cover to cover in two months.

51. Read at least one article from the Ensign (a church magazine) every month for six months.

52. Watch all four session of a general conference.

53. Read at least one verse of scripture to Grant every night for 3 weeks.

54. Have personal prayer every night for three weeks.


55.   Buy new towels.

56.   Buy a Nikon 18-200 lens for my camera.

57.   Buy new vacuum.

58.   Buy new dishes.

59.  Buy complete new wardrobe…okay…buy 5 new shirts, 2 slacks, 1 skirt/dress, 2 pants, and 4 shorts.


60.  Learn from my mother how to knit slippers.

61.  Bake a loaf of bread.

62.  Make a new recipe.

63.  Read a new book.

64.  Go to the Ford Museum.

65. Go to the Art Museum.

66.  Go to a play/musical.

67.  Sing a solo/small group in church.

68.  Become a volunteer.

69.  Do something nice for a random stranger.


70. Get my hair and make-up done for a date with Chad.

71.  Have a photo shoot with just me and Chad.

72.  See a chick flick in the theater with girlfriends. Twilight: New Moon

73. Go on a shopping trip to the outlets without kids.

74.  Eat at a new restaurant.

75.  Get my make-up done.

76.  Go Sea-Dooing.

77. Go horseback riding.

78.  Take my mom to get a pedicure.

79. Make 5 announcements/invitations on photoshop.


80. Change blog header and theme.

81. Plant a garden.

82. Do a bloggy giveaway.

83. Buy large quantity of flour, sugar and rice and store in mylar bags.

84.  Take a Photoshop class.

85. Turn my blog into a book.

86. Put together a collection of 50 recipes we like to eat.

87.  Meal plan for 4 weeks straight.

88.  Add 5 new items to food storage (At least several months worth of each item).  Thank you couponing!

89.  Update blog every day for one month.

90.  Meet my blog friend Claire.

91.  Go to a temple I have never been to before.

92.  Sew a piece of clothing. apron

93.  Hang a larger picture of Christ in our home.

94.  Learn how to use our lawn mower.     6/24

95.  Learn how to use the grill.

96.  Plant flowers/plants  in the front of house.

97.  Find better way to organize coupons.

98.  Decrease grocery/gas/spending allottment by $25 per week.

99.  Go without eating out for one month straight.

100.  Find/borrow a crib/toddler bed for Grant. 6/20

101.  Do something completely and utterly spontaneous.