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Christmas shopping.

Posted by Elizabeth on November 25, 2007

Yesterday was kinda a sad day.  Chad started working Saturdays again, so Grant and I were left alone on a Saturday night.  We decided to go brave the crowds at the mall.  Here are some things I noticed while out shopping:

  • Children’s stores are the least stroller friendly (luckily I had Grant in his Baby Bjorn)
  • Having a baby is definitely a plus when trying to find parking Thanksgiving weekend (gotta love mommy parking..right up front).
  • Cashiers are a little less friendly and helpful when they have been busy all day long.
  • Starbucks becomes quite popular after a long day of Christmas shopping.
  • For the most part, the sales the weekend after Thanksgiving weren’t any better than the ones the day before.  Moral of the story…do your shopping the day before and save yourself from long lines, crowed stores, and psycho shoppers.

When we got home from shopping, I put Grant under the Christmas tree and discovered that it is probably going to be his favorite place to be for the next month.  He likes the lights.  He can lay there and stare at them for almost an hour…

Looks like he’ll be easy to entertain…

Overall, Grant and I enjoyed our evening together. We’ll just have to go on more mommy-son dates in the future:).



4 Responses to Christmas shopping.

  1. jill s

    awwwww!!! i usually decorate the day after thanksgiving but i’ve been too dang busy!! hopefully soon! your tree looks great!!

  2. Hope

    I love your tree!

  3. Gwen

    That is a big tree, I love it!! Don’t you just love Christmas!!

  4. Jessica Olsen

    Your tree is so pretty. You did a great job decorating it. Next time our husbands are both working we should get together.