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Food Storage

Posted by Elizabeth on April 7, 2009

Being prepared is a huge part of our religion.  Our church leaders encourage us to have a one year supply of food, goods, and water.  Just in case.  We have never had even close to this, but always at least a few months worth.  This has helped us at so many times when money has been a little tight. 

Because I am striving to build up our supply (and striving to save money in the process) I have been working really hard lately at matching coupons with sales to maximize my savings and add as much as I can to our pantry. 

Some recent deals:

- 2 boxes Raisin Bran, 2 Boxes Frosted Mini Wheats, 2 bottles Kraft Salad Dressing, 1 box of Huggies Wipes: $6  (Oh..and at the register a coupon printed out for a free gallon of milk!)

- 5 packages of Huggies Supremes, 2 boxes of Hot Tamales: $30

- Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner ($ .75 ea), French’s Yellow Mustard ($ .50 each), Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage ($1 each)

- Umm…I can’t remember everything I bought today at Meijer, but my total was $29 for 33 items ( after 11.50 in coupon savings and $30 in promotional savings)

So basically I am wondering what took me so long to start using coupons on stocking up on great deals!  I’m spending the same on groceries and getting a lot more for my money.  I posted the links for the best money saving sites I use a few weeks ago (remember the post with all the diapers).  Check them out!

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