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A bit of craftiness.

Posted by Elizabeth on March 1, 2009

So I made the comment to my mom today…"Don’t you just love that your daughter is getting crafty.  Especially since it means that you have to haul your sewing machine out that much more."  I figure eventually she will make me do all of the sewing myself, but for now she seems to really enjoy helping.  (I think because it gives her something fun and different to do.)

You might ask…what did I do?  I made burp rags…or at least made them more pretty. 

I used: 1 package of prefolded cloth diapers (6), 2 fat quarters,  and some heat and bond

I cut the fabric to 19" x 5" and then folded and pressed the edges in.  I applied heat and bond to the fabric, then applied the fabric to the cloth diaper and iron it on (the heat and bond makes it stick).  I then sewed around the edges with a brown thread. 

Yup, as easy as that.  I elected to leave a little white at the bottom so I wasn’t trying to go over the seam of the diaper itself. 

I saw the idea for this on Sew Mama Sew and improvised.  (Several of the ways of doing it looked easy and good, so I just decided to do it the easiest way for me.)

My sister-in-law Sara is having a baby in a few weeks, so these are for her (and a few more me and baby Eric as well…)

This is what her finished gift looks like:

The smaller jar contains rolled diappers tied with a ribbon and lavender lotion.

The larger jar has 2 burp rags, a bottle, some formula, and a formula dispenser.

I wanted to put more stuff in each jar, but I ran out of room.  (I might just have to put the rest of the items in a gift bag and give it to her separately…)

The baby shower is next week.  Hopefully the decorations for the shower can turn out just as cute.  Any good ideas (I was thinking about going with a green and brown theme with circles.  Not sure from there, but I am sure it will all come together:) ).

One Response to A bit of craftiness.

  1. Lindsey

    What cute ideas! I am throwing a baby shower for a girl in our ward in a few weeks and just might steal your gift idea. Too cute!