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A very tired boy.

Posted by Elizabeth on February 12, 2009

Grant decided he didn’t want to nap while I was sleeping today.  Instead he sat in his crib and played and made lots of noise.  It was only later that I realized that this could actually work to my advantage…  Grant fell asleep on his way to the doctor’s office (for my 28 week check-up) and didn’t wake up until I was picking him up off the floor to leave!  The nurse and doctor couldn’t believe how cute he was…I didn’t have my camera, but my phone did an alright job:). 

Sleepy Grant!

Sleepy Grant!

4 Responses to A very tired boy.

  1. Jackie

    That makes for an easy appointment!

  2. jill scripps

    that is so funny! he must have been wiped out!

  3. Rachel

    LOL! It looks so cute! I bet that was a nice calm doc appt :)

  4. Sarah

    That is cute. At least you had some way to get a picture of it :)