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Conquering the impossible

Posted by Elizabeth on November 3, 2007

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, my parents are moving to Michigan.  They won’t be quite next door like they were in Wisconsin, but they will only be about twenty minutes as opposed to the current six hour drive through Chicago.  The only bad thing is that we are going to miss all the current opportunities that we have to go visit our friends in Wisconsin.  We’ll just have to find new excuses to go.

 Anyways, yesterday was one of those sort and throw days.  My sister Janet, my mom, and I attacked the garage for the seventh time at least.  The good part about it is that I am coming home with some nice new serving ware which i previously didn’t have any of, but I think if we do it much longer, my mom might just kill Janet and I (or vice versa).  Trying to tell my mom that she doesn’t need to keep something she packed away in 1973 when she moved out to the farm in DePere, WI isn’t going over so well.  I wouldn’t mind if she would put the stuff out, but so much of it she just wants to put right back into a box….maybe so she can decide in ten more years to put it into another box.  I’m sorry mom, I love you, but we just have way different views on what should be packed away…  We did get a lot done yesterday, and I am way excited about that.  We probably only have about two more long days ahead of us.  Unless, of course, she brings more boxes over the next trip…..

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