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Should I use duct tape?

Posted by Elizabeth on November 10, 2008

Yesterday Chad stayed home from church because he didn’t get back from picking his mom up from the airport until 4 am.  I was a little worried about wrestling Grant for three hours by myself, but I was up for the challenge. 

During Sacrament Grant played with the Emery family one row back.  He had so much fun and was so good.  (I’m already liking sitting in the chairs in the back of the chapel for the little extra freedom it allows for him).  About ten minutes to when sacrament meeting was supposed to end he started fussing just a little (he saw Riley’s snack and wanted it for himself), so I took him to the mother’s lounge to put him to sleep.  He cuddled right into me and fell asleep rather quickly.  I love times like that.  I went out, sat on the couch in the foyer and he slept all through Sunday School.  YAY…two hours down without hardly any effort.  I knew it was going to be a good day.

Grant and I went into Relief Society well rested and enjoyed a great lesson.  Grant played with his toys, his friends Benjamin and Ammon, and ate his goldfish crackers.  He spoke up here and there, but always in a happy way and so I was excited that I actually got to sit and listen to most of the lesson.  About ten minutes from the end of class, an older sister in the front row raised her hand.  (Brace yourself).  Although the following is not ver batum, it is pretty darn close.  ” I think that when children are getting noisy, their mothers need to take them out.  It gets quite distracting when they are making so much noise during the lesson.  It isn’t fair that nobody gets to enjoy the lesson because of this.  When our children were young(because I am sure they were perfect), we took them out when they were fussing because that is the polite thing to do.  I don’t know why these moms feel they and can just disrupt the class…….”  I think you get the point.  I was about to scream!  Would my mom have to take ME out then??  Really, all of the kids were being very good in class that day, but they are kids and do make noises.  I can’t take him out for every little happy sound that comes out of his mouth (and i can guarantee you that he won’t stay quiet for 3 hours straight).  To make life even that much better, when I was out in the hall I overheard another older sister make the comment, “you know, maybe it wasn’t appropriate the way she said it, but something really needed to be said.  It is getting a little out of hand.”  I was done.  I went through the gym, found my friend Jessica (who was lucky enough not to be in there) and just vented to her before I killed somebody.  

So there it was, my perfect Sunday at church ruined ten minutes from the end.  So much for spiritual enlightenment.  At least I got a little of that today from my friend Jackie’s blog (thanks again!).  Oh well, I guess we will just have to try duct tape next Sunday!

PS.  I am cursing again at the newest edition of wordpress that makes it ever so hard to get pictures onto my blog.  Aren’t they supposed to make things easier with upgrades??  I’ll get it straightened out soon, though, so I can continue playing catch up (plus I have some pretty darn cute pictures…)

2 Responses to Should I use duct tape?

  1. Jackie

    Thanks for your sweet comments! I’m glad you liked it.

    It’s funny, today I was thinking I shouldn’t have posted it because I bet people would think I was crazy.

    HAHA, I have to remind myself it doesn’t matter.

    It’s a work in progress I guess.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Lindsey

    That’s so frustrating. I feel like the thought pops into my head every Sunday to just take my son home so he doesn’t miss his nap. I always stay because I know it is the right thing to do, but it is so hard to be in and out of class the whole time, battling hunger and overtiredness. When people make comments like that, it makes you wonder what is the point of staying at all? I feel like people don’t understand that we are doing the best we can to be faithful, and 3 hours of church is hard on a pre-nursery aged child! Ugggghh I completely understand your anger.