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One more for tonight…

Posted by Elizabeth on August 31, 2008

The long awaited FIRST TOOTH!

Thank you Aunt Janet for helping me get this picture.  He really doesn’t like us to see inside his mouth (and it took about ten to fifteen pictures to get this shot…).  That little white spot on the bottom gum is his first tooth.  Congrats Grant on one more step towards becoming a big boy!


When I had Elisabeth, Meghan and Madeleine, we went on a walk to the park.  It was so much fun just going and playing with the girls.  We even had a picnic lunch on the playground.  I’m so lucky I got to watch them for a couple days.  (Plus, they absolutely love Grant and entertain him for me.  I definitely think that it will be overall easier with more children.) 

3 Responses to One more for tonight…

  1. Jackie


    Don’t get bitten!

    Getting pictures of teeth IS hard!

  2. Joy

    And I thought my kids late getting them at 10 months~GO Grant!!!

  3. Jackie

    Those are his fingers. He’s sucking on them