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Happy Birthday Grant

Posted by Elizabeth on August 20, 2008

I can’t believe my baby is no longer a baby.  I opened up my e-mail tonight and instead of having a “your bay this week” from, I had a “your toddler this week.”  Oi, not so sure I am ready for this.  Jill did his pictures this morning and posted a few because she new that I would be super anxious to see them:). Thank you so much for doing such a great job Jill and thank you for taking the time in your very busy day to get a few edited for me!

Things Grant loves:

  • Food.  Really any kind will do, but he goes crazy over fruit.  Today he ate three pieces of pizza and half a cupcake for lunch (they were small pieces of pizza, but still…)
  • The cat…he loves to chase her and pull her hair out.  Poor kitty.
  • His Katie…he always brightens up when he sees her.  I really don’t think he minds me going to work as long as she is babysitting.
  • The snack cupboard.  He knows where it is and he is always pulling stuff out of it.  We may have to relocate that a little higher.
  • His daddy.  (and his mommy too)
  • Going for walks (especially since walks usually go right past the ice cream shop…)
  • HIs drawer in my china cabinet.  He took over the bottom drawer and puts his toys in it.  He is trying to take over a couple more drawers, but as of yet, I am holding ground.
  • Play with his cousins…he is so lucky to have some that live close by.
  • Take the DVD’s out of the entertainment center.  So much fun to clean up after.
  • Smack his tongue and blow raspberries at people…so much fun!
  • Play with doors.  Open them, close them and study how they work.

In the past week Grant has learned to:

  • Give high 5′s
  • Wave bye bye
  • Crawl from the car into the house (and shut the door behind him)
  • Take bites off of bigger pieces of food (amazing since he doesn’t have any teeth yet). 

So far I am loving having a one year old.  He is a lot to keep up with because he is always on the move, but he is so much fun to interact with.  I am excited to see all the new things he will learn this next year that we get to spend together.

5 Responses to Happy Birthday Grant

  1. Sarah

    Ok, so you think it’s crazy to get the “My Toddler This Week” e-mails? Well, mine have now turned into “My Preschooler This Week”. Now THAT is crazy. My baby girl and your little man are getting so big!

  2. Jackie

    Those are AWESOME pictures!

  3. jill s

    happy birthday Grant!

  4. Joy

    Cool!!! He has your little curl!!

  5. jessica olsen

    Happy Birthday you cute little boy!! He is getting so BIG. These pictures turned out so good.