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My awesome project.

Posted by Elizabeth on August 19, 2008

The Linen’s and Things by our house went out of business last week and I got some great deals at their store closing event.  I got two tableclothes for $9 and $4 (very pretty white and cream…I used them at Grant’s party), and four of these for $4 each:

Now, if you are anything like my husband, you have a very worried expression on your face right now wondering where the heck those are going to be hung (and hopefully somewhere where they will never be seen.  I’m sure they are somebody’s style, so sorry to offend you if you actually do like them, but they are pretty much the furthest thing from our style.

I had ordered a few 10×10 pictures from several months ago and had been planning on mounting them on 12×12 canvasses.  This looks way nicer and was cheaper than any canvass I could find.

Heres how I did it.

First I spray painted all four Buddha pictures black (I’ll probably be downgraded to a bug in the next life for that one).

Then I spread modge podge over the back of the picture, centered it, and stuck it on the board.

To finish it off, I spread modge podge over the picture and board in very even smooth brush strokes.

This is how they turned out:

You can see another picture of them if you scroll down to Grant’s party post and look at the picture of the food table.  I’m very happy with the results and they were super easy to make.  They look great in the corner of my living room.  And best of all, they only cost $6.50 to make (including printing off the pictures.)

4 Responses to My awesome project.

  1. Jackie

    These turned out awesome! You are the modge podge queen!

  2. Joy

    yep…you will definitely be a bug! ( a really little one) All in all though, this is something that I would do. I am always looking for ways to use things in different ways. Kudos!!!

  3. Lindsey

    How creative! Grant’s Birthday Party looks like a blast, I wish we could have been there.

  4. jessica olsen

    These are so cute!! What a great idea, you are so talented.