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Bullet Hell: With enemies everywhere throwing projectiles left

Posted by admin on February 24, 2014

Broken Bird: Olga, once her backstory was revealed. Her mother was killed when she was young due to Acier creating Pure Gold, which quickly attracted opportunistic treasure hunters and pirates. In a fit of anger towards her father, Olga attempts to throw her ring, which Acier gave to her, into the sea, but the light radiating from Pure Gold inside attracted a Sea King that ate the island Olga lived on, leading Olga to live 200 years inside one of its stomachs. She finally got out, but people immediately tried using her to get to Pure Gold because they recognized her as a former citizen of Alchemi, which later led to her capture by the Marines believing Pure Gold should belong to the World Government. This caused Olga to believe that people only exist to be used and exploited as tools, a sentiment that is similar to Mad Treasure’s until the Straw Hat pirates defrosted her by proving their loyalty again and again.

Replica Bags Only Known by Their Nickname: Patsy’s real name (Patricia) is mentioned only once in the entire play, and is very easy to miss completely. The Pig Pen: Played for drama: Marie’s family can’t afford enough water to let her bathe regularly, and the dirt and smell is yet another thing that makes her a target. Promoted to Love Interest: Marie’s date, Don, apologizes when she returns to Marmota for leaving her at the dance in the movie, and they share a kiss as they reconcile; in the play, he’s never mentioned after he abandoned her. Rape Discretion Shot: We cut from the boys unzipping their pants and Marie having a seizure to Marie returning to Patsy’s house a mess, blood and urine on the back of her dress. Self Harm: Marie burns her face to try and destroy her acne cysts until Patsy stops her. She Cleans Up Nicely: After Patsy helps Marie dress up for the prom; the stage directions even say “We can see the beautiful woman she will become”. Shout Out: Patsy and Marie practice the poems they learn for class and sing songs together; for some reason, almost all of them are Harmful to Minors. They play around and pretend to be a dancer and “the beautiful Annabel Lee” riding on a sleigh through the snow together. and then cheerfully sing songing about how they’ll freeze to death together when they get lost in a snowstorm. Marie has to recite “Twa Corbiesnote Two Crows” for class. Patsy and Marie sing “Dark End of the Street” (by James Carr) together. Sir Swears a Lot: While Marie really doesn’t swear very Replica Handbags much, the fact that she swears at all is enough to get Patsy to treat her like one, especially when they’re kids. Small Town Boredom: Marie had it as a kid, though it was mostly because of the way the rest of the town treated her. Teens Are Monsters: It was a group of teenage boys around her age who assaulted 16 year old Marie at the prom, causing her to have a seizure before they rape her. Replica Bags

wholesale replica designer handbags Despite having only one game in the series (and one that until recently was not released outside of Japan), this game had had a rather interesting legacy. Fuji TV developed a live action TV drama loosely based on the game with Sanae Jonouchi starring as Kayo and the Snow Princess and Masaki Kyomoto as Seikichi and the White Rabbit/Takamaru. Later, Takamaru was featured in the Wii version of Samurai Warriors III, which also included a full remake of his game. Takamaru also appeared in Captain Rainbow as one of the inhabitants of the island, and Nintendo Land has an attraction based off of The Mysterious Murasame Castle. Finally, Takamaru appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a Sticker, and he appeared in the fourth game as an Assist Trophy, and music from Nazo no Murasamej featured in both games. Bullet Hell: With enemies everywhere throwing projectiles left, right, up, and down, the game will sure feel like one. Chest Monster: Some princesses in the castles aren’t actually princesses at all, but are resilient evil spirits that will slowly give chase until you defeat them. Colourful Theme Naming: The first four castles, Aosame, Akasame, Ryokusame and Momosame, are named after Japanese colors and are appropriately Color Coded for Your Convenience. Counter Attack: You can deflect shuriken with you sword by attacking when said projectiles are within sword range. You can’t deflect bombs, fireballs or gusts of wind, though. Continuing Is Painful: Most powerups are lost upon death. Death or Glory Attack: You can fell most enemies faster with your sword than you can with just projectiles. Getting in range is another matter. Flip Screen Scrolling: Throughout the game. Highly Visible Ninja: The most common enemy faced throughout the game. Iaijutsu Practitioner: Takamaru uses his sword by unsheathing and re sheathing it. His pose when not moving even shows him grasping his sword ready to strike. Impossibly Cool Weapon: Getting enough shuriken upgrades results in shuriken with explosive lightning. Nintendo Hard: As with most games of the era. One Man Army: Takamaru fights hundreds of enemies throughout the game. It helps that enemies respawn endlessly. Public Domain Soundtrack: The ending features a rendition of the “Ode to Joy” from Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Smart Bomb: The Inazuma Lightning, which clears all enemies on the screen and even reveals hidden Tanuki. Tanuki: They serve as suppliers of your armament. Technicolor Ninja: Alongside the standard black, ninjas in this game come in white, red, blue, green, flashing overlaps with Highly Visible Ninja. Tengu: Who will impede your progress with a combination of Teleport Spam and gusts of wind Timed Mission: Every level has a time limit, although the timer resets every time Takamaru loses a life. The Very Definitely Final Dungeon: The titular Murasame Castle, where the floor is black and the walls are Nothing but Skulls wholesale replica designer handbags.

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