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Tubing on the Muskegon River

Posted by Elizabeth on July 31, 2008


Saturday July 26

We went tubing with Sarah, Charles, Sherry, Kelly and a few of Kelly ‘s friends from work last Saturday.  Chad and I had never gone before so we really didn’t know what to expect.  It wasn’t anything super exciting…and afternoon of relaxing and floating and dipping in the water whenever you got too warm.  We had a lot of fun, though, just laughing and talking and the relaxing part itself was just wonderful.  Somehow I managed not to get too much of a sunburn (even though we were on the river for four hours!!)  The river itself was kinda cold and I think my body was going into mild stages of hypothermia (i mean is it really normal for the tips of your fingers to go numb when you get really cold??)  It wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t always in the line of spashing!  Overall we had a really good time and we definately want to take some of our other friends with us next time. 

After tubing we went back to Sherry and Kelly’s house and played Rage.  I’ve never played that game before, but I really like it.  It’s like the combination of Uckre (sp?) and Uno and possibly a few other games as well.

We somehow convinced the guys that if Batman on the IMAX was sold out that we would go see Mama Mia!  Luckily for me, Batman was sold out. I LOVED Mama Mia.  I thought it was really funny and i really liked being able to sing along with the music.  Of course, the story line is pretty unbelievable, but I still think I am going to buy it.  It will make for a good girls night movie (Let me know if you want to be invited…).

So we picked Grant up from Grandma’s (BTW THANK YOU GRANDMA!), got home, got ready for bed and just as I was laying down to go to sleep at 1:30 am, they called me in to work.  Oh, did I forget to mention that I did all this while on call??? Silly me.  You would think that I would have slept or something just in case I got called in…  Needless to say, after working those 5 and a half hours on no sleep I didn’t make it to church in the morning.  And then i let them talk me into being on call Sunday night too (and I got called in….what was I thinking????????????????????????????????????????

So, basically now I am all caught up on my posting.  Since last weekend I have been laying low.  Who can really blame me?  I did get to watch my nieces yesterday for a few hours and today my friend Bethany came over and we did some wedding gift shopping.  I have a wedding and a double bridal shower to go to this weekend.  So for now I am going to go enjoy the rest of my relaxing evening and gear up for the craziness that will begin again tomorrow.

2 Responses to Tubing on the Muskegon River

  1. Alisa

    And I thought I was busy.

  2. Joy

    tubing is definitely a great way to force yourself to relax, and it sounds like you needed it!!!

    P.S. Why am I not on your blog roll yet?! :’(