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A trip to the temple…

Posted by Elizabeth on July 31, 2008

Chad and I have been trying to go to the temple every month this year.  We have been mostly successful in doing this because we usually meet up with Paul and Alisa in Chicago to go together.  So far summer has been crazy and so we missed June.  We were determined that we weren’t going to miss July and since we weren’t going to be able to meet up with Paul and Alisa this month, we decided to go to the Detroit temple.  Neither of us have ever gone through there so we were really excited.  You usually need to call ahead to the Detroit temple, but Chad forgot (despite several remindings….then again, i could have done it myself…).  My friend Rachel was wonderful enough to be willing to watch Grant while we went. THANK YOU RACHEL! We dropped him off at her house in Lansing and off we went to the temple.  We got there and found out that they are only open from 6-8pm on Friday nights.  So here is the dilemma…does it count for going if you don’t actually get to go inside???  We did make good use of our Grant free time and went to a park nearby and walked around and talked.  After that we went to the Potbelly sandwich shop….yum yum.  I got a salad that had artichokes and roasted red peppers on it.  It was good even without the dressing, but their italian dressing was yummy too.

A picture of me in the park:

After we went back to Lansing, we spent the evening with Rachel, Adam and Haley.  We went to the Ingham county park and made tin foil dinners.  They turned out really good.  We forgot forks so Rachel decided to borrow some from the nearby hospital volunteeers picnic.  Good thinking Rachel!  After dinner, we went for a walk.  It was beautiful, but the mosquitos were loving us up.  Some lovin I could do without.




2 Responses to A trip to the temple…

  1. Alisa

    Oh, that has happened to Paul and I when the Chicago temple was closed for maintenance…actually twice! (I think I was so upset that Paul said we could count it anyway!!) Looks like a beautiful temple…glad you made the most of the day anyway. :)

  2. Gwen

    Well you know you could have come with us on Saturday, Zach noticed your names were on the list for our session.