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Sand Lake

Posted by Elizabeth on July 31, 2008

My sister Janet owns a place up on Sand Lake.  Chad and I usually spend the majority of our summers up there.  For some reason, though, we haven’t made it up there nearly as much this year as we usually do (maybe it has something to do with having a child now and me working nights.)  While Paul and Alisa were here, we took the time to go up there and hang out with the Yskes clan.  We got to play on the SeaDoo, swim in the lake, play on the playground, and just relax.  I apparantly didn’t get any pictures of us in the lake, but here are some other fun pictures from that day (Tuesday July 22nd).




Janet and Madeleine


My nieces and their friend Claressa (she’s the oldest blonde)…aren’t they so cute???


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