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Holland State Park

Posted by Elizabeth on July 31, 2008

So to catch up a little more….

On Monday the 21st, we went to the Holland State Park with Paul, Alisa and Kaia.  Neither Grant or Kaia had ever been to the beach before so it was so fun to watch their faces as the waves splashed up and over them.  I’m not sure that they ever really started liking it, but at least they stopped screaming eventually. Grant’s favorite part was crawling through the sand and trying to eat it.  My favorite part was the waves.  After we had been there for a while, the wind started picking up more and the waves got more fierce.  Grant and Kaia were up on shore with their daddys and Alisa and I got to have fun jumping into the waves.  The weather was warm, the sun was bright, and the waves were big…who could ask for a better day at the beach?



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