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GR Public Museum

Posted by Elizabeth on July 28, 2008

Our friends Paul and Alisa came to visit us from Wisconsin.  Between them visiting, working, and other craziness of summer, most of my home stuff (including blogging) has gotten neglected.  Lucky for me I have an amazing husband who cleaned the house, did laundry and made yummy lasagna for dinner.  All of this while I slept.  I took extra on call both Saturday and Sunday night.  The only plus side is the extra money that I will get from working all the overtime.

I’m going to work on posting pictures from all of the fun stuff that we did with Paul, Alisa and baby Kaia while they were here.  We did a lot and took about 450 pictures….so it make take me a bit…

To start…Saturday July 19–Grand Rapids Public Museum:


We rode the carousel



Chad put Grant to sleep while the rest of us went to the planetarium show.  He looks so comfy on that table…


When Chad and I were dating there was an article in the paper about a family that found a moose in their swimming pool.  This reminded us of that and all the fun we had from making fun of that situation.


We had such a great time with our friends!


3 Responses to GR Public Museum

  1. jill s

    wow! you have been busy! i love the picture of grant sleeping on the table…so cute. :)

  2. Alisa

    What a couple of cuties! Look at them sitting together!

  3. Gwen

    So that’s why we got ditched on Saturday and why you weren’t at church on Sunday. I see. We still need to get together though. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Kaia is soo cute!!