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Grant Swim Lessons

Posted by Chad on July 3, 2008

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7 Responses to Grant Swim Lessons

  1. Michael Petrella

    Thanks for posting this video. Too cool! Oh, and great music as well!

  2. Mom Kepner


  3. AnnaVaun

    This is great! Just this week here in the Phoenix area two children have been found in the pool. One died the other is in critical condition. I so glad you are taking the time to teach Grant how to survive. I watched this and was amazed.

    Aunt AnnaVaun

  4. Brian Baril

    Very cool. How many lessons did it take for Grant to get that good?

  5. Bethany Miltgen

    He’s doing so well!!! I would like to teach Rory eventually.

  6. Auntie Patty

    I guess lesson that early are the key. Amazing! I wish the girls could do that!!!

  7. Nancy Spinosi

    Michael is my brother and I think this is a WONDERFUL thing he is doing!!! I am very proud of him!!! Love Ya Mike!!!!!