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Posted by Elizabeth on June 13, 2008

So this has been quite the interesting week.  Of the 36 hours I was scheduled, I was called off for 24 of them.  Because of this I decided that I should pick up some extra hours on the floor that I used to work on.  Big mistake.  I was greeted with a low blood pressure, a patient upset that nobody had been paying attention to him all day, a patient headed to surgery, and lets not forget the crazy patient wandering the halls…wouldn’t go back to her room and just about back handed me (good thing I am quick to move out of the way).  To top it off, the doctor wanted me to remedy the crazy patient with an oral pill.  Yeah, you bet.  I am sure she will have no problem taking a pill from me.  Doctors.  

Mind you, this was all in the first fifteen minutes of me being there.  Good thing I only worked for 4 hours.  I was going to pick up another 8 on Saturday morning, but I have since come back to my senses.  I will instead be enjoying a relaxing day with Grant while Chad works on the basement.

Because of being called off I have had quite a bit of extra time on my hands.  I’d like to give you a big long list of things I have gotten accomplished around the house, but other things seemed much more fun and exciting.  So here is what I did today:

  • Went to the library with Grant.  I let him crawl around the childrens play area to try to get some of that energy off of him.  He seemed to really like the big giant teddy bear and tried eating the books as I read to him.  I quickly gave up on that endeavor.  After chasing him around in there trying to keep him from attacking the other children, I decided that I wanted to check out a few books.  I realized that I haven’t checked out a book from a library for casual reading in about 8 years, so after walking around the library aimlessly for half an hour, i found the popular books section, picked out a couple that i had heard of and headed on my way.
  • I spent the entire time Grant was napping reading one of my new books.  Quickly after starting it I realized that it was a little on the vulgar side, but I am ashamed to say that I kept reading and found myself laughing on occasion.  I guess I should have figure by the name of the book what I was getting myself into, but yet it still intrigued me.  The book is called, “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea.”  It’s written by a comedian and it is stories about her life.  Aside for some of the language she used, I think I found myself laughing because I can totally relate to some of the aspects of her life.
  • After Grant woke up we went out and sat on the lawn.  He played with his volleyball and I continued to read.  He is still crawling like a normal baby out on the grass.  Even with a shirt on.  Now if only I could get him to do that inside.
  • We then settled into a normal nighttime routine.  Dinner for Grant, walk around the block, bath and then to bed.  I am really lucky that he goes to bed so easily.
  • I then have spent the rest of the night finishing my book.  I think that is why I don’t read books often.  When I start reading one, I want to finish it.  I cannot get anything else accomplished when I am reading a book whether it is a good one or not.  So here it is, past midnight, Grant’s toys are still strewn across the floor and I probably will just leave everything for tomorrow…  Maybe I should wait a few more days to start the other book.

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  1. jill s

    that stinks that work hasn’t been consistent!

    ok…i want to read that book. i think she is hilarious. raunchy…yes…lol. but so funny.
    i think i might try and check it out…did you return it yet? :)