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Grant is 4!

Posted by Elizabeth on September 19, 2011

Grant turned four on August 20th.  I actually managed to get out my camera and take picture on his actual birthday.  Just took me a little while to edit them :)

A few things about Grant:

- Grant is an early riser.  He often is the first one awake in the house besides Aunt Sarah.  He will go downstairs and entertain himself with lincoln logs or go into the playroom.  He knows mommy and daddy are not morning people and does a pretty good job of letting us sleep just a little longer in the morning.

- He is such a momma’s boy.  Every day Grant asks me, "Do you have to work tonight?"  If I say yes, he will go through the days of the week until he figures out one that I don’t have to work.  If I say no he simply says, "Thank you mom".  Sure makes my heart melt. 

-Even though he is such a momma’s boy, he recently has stopped letting me give him kisses on the lips.  He tells me "No, on the cheek, mom."  Not really ready for that…  :(

- As always, loves food.  I’ve finally gotten him to start eating vegetables.  Occasionally he likes them, but usually will swallow them whole.  Not so big of a deal with peas and diced carrots, not so cool with broccoli.  I constantly have to remind him to chew his vegetables. 

- Tells me he is going to be a doctor when he grows up.

- Loves rockets, monsters, dragons and dinosaurs.

-  Favorite movie:  How to Train Your Dragon (AKA the dragon movie)

- Favorite cartoon: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

- Started Four year old preschool with Mrs. Rienstra and Mrs. Thiel on September 7




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