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Greyson’s Birthday Party

Posted by Elizabeth on February 28, 2011

Last weekend we went to Greyson’s 2nd birthday party.  Greyson is Kiera’s older brother and Rory’s little brother.  Stuck in the middle of two girls…poor little guy. 


For his birthday, he got to have a party at the children’s museum. He lucked out since his new sister was only born about a month ago and his mommy didn’t want to have to clean her house before and after a party.  My boys LOVE the children’s museum, so the hardest part for them was being in the party room before it was time to actually go out and play!

Greyson and his cake:

Grant helped open gifts:

Until Greyson decided that he would just watch Grant open gifts:

Eric being cute:

Baby sister Kiera:

Grant, Rory, and Eric being Dentists:

Mommy and Grant:


And a fight between the two year olds:

We had such a great time at the party. Thanks again Bethany and Brandon for letting us be a part:).

One Response to Greyson’s Birthday Party

  1. Bethany

    Thanks Liz (and Chad and the boys) for coming and Liz for taking all the cute photos! Can’t wait to get together again! :)