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My outdoor boy.

Posted by Elizabeth on February 22, 2011


Grant could care less if he were outside, so now having a boy who loves all things dirt, rocks and outdoors is a little new to me.?? This past weekend we had weather in the 50′s, so we took the opportunity to walk around our 5 acre property.?? It was awesome to see all the possibilities with the creek, bridges, ravine, waterfall, etc.? It is going to be beautiful someday, but it’ll take many hands and much work to get it there.? Because of that walk, our 6 inch snowfall was slightly depressing to me.? I want to be out cleaning up sticks and having bonfires now….? Eric on the other hand was begging to go back out on the morning after? the snowstorm.?? I went out with him for about twenty minutes while Chad was snowblowing and when I brought him in you would have thought I was torturing him.? That was yesterday.? Today Eric tried conning daddy into taking him to work with him.? When that didn’t work, he moved onto me.?? Next stop, grandma.?? And because grandma is a sucker for that sweet little face, she helped him put on his shoes.? He then raced into the kitchen and grabbed both his inner liner and his coat and paused only long enough for me to take a picture before heading out the door.?? I’m thinking it’s official: Eric and I both have cabin fever.? Spring,? please come soon!

One Response to My outdoor boy.

  1. Gwen

    Ummm, why are there so many “?” in this post? Did you mean to do that?