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Posted by Elizabeth on March 17, 2008

Okay…i really need to get better at posting.  Here is my past almost two weeks in fast forward… 

Wed March 5th:

  • Bethany and Rory Miltgen went to Meijer Gardens with Grant and I to see the butterflies.  I think Rory has a crush on Grant.



 Then I worked Thursday and Friday.Saturday:

  • Our friends Kerrie and Brandon Johnson came over to play games and eat lunch with us.  They live in Idaho now and we sure do miss them. 



  • We went to the ward Chili cook off.  Chad was pretty bummed that his chili tied for third place (he got first last year).  I neglected to tell him that i forgot to vote.

 Sunday March 9:

  • Spent the afternoon with the family down at my sister Janet’s house.

Hmm…can’t really remember much of the actual week.  I got to go to a c-section on Thursday at work.  That was fun and exciting.  Oh, and i got a bunch of laundry done!  (Mind you it is piling up again).Saturday March 15:

  • Went to Muskegon for my friend Renee’s baby shower.  She is due in the next couple weeks.  I put together a diaper bag for her for a gift.  She was surprised that you needed to pack an extra outfit for the baby…hmm…she’s got a lot that she will have to learn. 
  • After the shower we hung out and watched movies and ate Chinese food (which made me sick and made me sit on the couch all day Sunday.

And today…We are refinancing the second mortgage on the house, so we had it appraised this morning.  We will find out what the current market has done to our house by tomorrow morning…  We took Grant with us to go watch Penelope in the the theater.  He was remarkably good.  We actually got to watch the whole movie (and he slept for half of it and pretty much watched the other half).  Now i have gut rot from too much popcorn!  I need to be nicer to my belly! Off to work again tomorrow.  My last three days before going to nights… (I would post more pictures but my brain and the computer arn’t in sync tonight.  I hope this post turns out okay…don’t ask…)

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  1. Kerrie Johnson

    Um, this is such a cute picture of your son and I. You have to send me a copy of it. I love it, I love it, I love it. Also, Brandon and I had a wonderful time at your house. I wish we lived closer to each other so that we could get together more often. It’s your turn to come to our house next!