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New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Elizabeth on January 20, 2011

Some of my new year’s resolutions…a few weeks later :)

Include vegetables in at least one meal a day. 

  • I’m actually doing farely well on this one.  I actually started probably in November adding them a little more often, but during this year, I have been doing really well overall.  The kids aren’t always so excited about it, but I feel better about myself if I at least give them the option.  Today Grant was really not wanting to eat them, so I told him that he would grow big like daddy if he ate his vegetables.  He promptly picked them up, swallowed them without chewing (smart kid…), and then was disappointed that he wasn’t bigger instantly.  I told him, “Well, you have to keep eating them, every day, then you can grow big like daddy.”   HOPEFULLY this will make it much easier going forward!!

Go to the gym at least once per week.

  • Hey, if you set your goals low, its harder to fail.  So far going alright.  We’ll ignore that week that I was on vacation!

Get my Neonatal Certification

  • Working towards this by studying.  Hopefully within the next week I can get my application in, because that can take a little while to process. 

So there is my focus for the year.  Of course there is always the blog more, eat healthier, keep the house cleaner, have better behaved kids, etc.  But again, if I set the standards low, I’ll be less likely to be disappointed with myself at the end of the year ;) .

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