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Eric at 20 months

Posted by Elizabeth on January 17, 2011

Eric has grown up so much since I last did an update on him.  It will be so hard to tell about everything he can do now.  But the best way to sum it up is that “he is a two and half year old stuck in a one and a half year old’s body” (as said by my sister Sarah).

Eric talks so much now.  He will repeat everything you say.  Communicate his own needs and we can even reason with him to get him to calm down.  Man is that awesome!  He speaks in short sentences.  Usually about 2-4 words. 

One thing that really amazed me about Eric when we were in Arizona was how he plays.  Lately Eric and Alex have been playing up in the playroom by themselves.  I don’t often get to observe him playing.  Grandma and Papa don’t have a playroom, so the boys just played in the living room.  Eric’s favorite thing to do was to take the top to the lego container and put the small Lincoln logs into the 6 spots in it.  He would dig through the Lincoln Logs to make sure he had six of the same size.  He once took it over to the cooler and started putting them into the can holders, but since there was only 4 can holders, he put all the logs back into their individual compartments in the lego lid and went on his way.  Basically, he is very methodical in the way he plays.  Much intelligence lies in that wee little brain and I can’t wait to see it come out.

One of Eric’s new favorite things to do is put toys down his shirt or jammies.  This started while we were in Arizona while playing with great grandpa.  One night he put a whole bunch of cars down his jammies.  Chad thought he got them all out, but realized the next morning that he missed one way down by the foot :) .

Eric is very obedient and doesn’t like to be told no.  Today he was in my office and started pulling my camera off the desk (thank goodness I was in there to stop him…).  I yelled no very loudly and he started whimpering.  I tried to pick him up, but he said no.  He walked all the way into the kitchen, put himself in the corner for timeout, stopped crying, and came back to me to say sorry.  Some days I think I am dreaming….

Eric is so sweet and I can’t wait to see what he will be like over the next several years (hopefully just as good…)

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