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Eric 14 Months

Posted by Elizabeth on July 7, 2010

I missed posting about Eric’s changes over the past several months, but this is where he is at now at 14 months:

  • Can fold his arms for prayer (usually not the entire prayer, but at least for the beginning few seconds…)
  •  Says cheese when I take a picture of him.
  • Also has said other random words like: truck, mama, dada, I love you, Grant, more, tickle tickle, and  a few others
  • I believe has 6 teeth currently
  • Will throw himself backwards onto the ground to have a full out tantrum.  The two year old years should be fun with this one…
  • Walks all around, climbs into chairs, climbs up and down the stairs, and his personal favorite: climbs into the toybox
  • favorite foods: pancakes, bagels, ice cream
  • plays much more independently than Grant ever did and doesn’t require as much attention BUT only when Grant is sleeping.  If Grant is awake, Eric suddenly becomes clingy and wanting our attention.  Maybe I need a child psychologist for that one!

One Response to Eric 14 Months

  1. Joy

    I really hope you have been printing out your blog entries! These would make an awesome journal for your children and grandchildren to read someday. (just to put a bug in your ear) :)