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Rory’s Third Birthday Party

Posted by Elizabeth on June 14, 2010

Grant and Rory have been friends pretty much from the womb.  Bethany and I told each other we were pregnant at the same time (even though they were born two months apart).  The best part is that they get along so well.  Yesterday we went to Rory’s cowgirl themed birthday party.   It was so much  fun watching the kids laugh and play together in the Miltgen’s back yard.  Not to mention the good time the adults had socializing.

The past two years I snapped pictures casually at Rory’s parties.  I finally gave them to Bethany about a month ago.  I guess better late then never, right?  This year I wanted to be sure to get them to her a little quicker, so I stayed up late last night editing pictures and emailed them to her today.  Here are a few of my favorites:



Lilly (Rory's cousin)Greyson



Grant and RoryThe Cake


While I was there, I even got talked into doing senior pictures for a girl that I have know since she was probably in kindergarten.  I am a little nervous about taking on such a project, but I am excited at the same time.   It won’t be until probably August, but I will be sure to post pictures when it comes!

One Response to Rory’s Third Birthday Party

  1. Bethany

    oops. I posted my comment under the wrong blog post. Well, you still rock! :)