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Our new sitter.

Posted by Elizabeth on February 16, 2008

Her name is Christine.  She lives only 5 minutes from us, is married, goes to GVSU for biomedical science, and we really clicked with her.  The other sitters…not so much.  One of them even seemed to be getting annoyed by Grant.  Good thing we had him help interview.

Sarah and I went shopping at Target and then out to dinner at Chili’s.  It was fun, but we decided next time we will get take out and eat it at my place…

Grant is getting his 6 month pictures on Tuesday!  So big already…

I start in the NICU on Monday….  I can hardly wait.  I’ll be sure to report back on how my first day goes.

Oh!  And Chad has really started working on the basement…  The tax refund is pretty much gone, but the tub is installed along with the tile board around it and he is working on wiring the electrical.  Hopefully we can have the guest bedroom and bath done so Paul and Alisa can come stay with us for a good long time this summer. 

3 Responses to Our new sitter.

  1. Alisa

    Yes! We have a bathtub!

  2. jill s

    yeah! so happy you found a sitter! and i’m looking forward to doing grant’s 6 month pictures on tuesday!

  3. Jessica Olsen

    I am so happy for you guys. What a huge stress off of youto find a sitter you feel comfortable with. Now I bet Chad is trying to figure out away to install a nanny-cam :-)