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Posted by Elizabeth on February 25, 2010




This has been one CRAZY week.  I worked Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night and then had CPR recertification on Wednesday after only gettting 3 hours of sleep.  I made the mistake of sitting next to my clinical coordinator at CPR training and was asked if I wanted to stay from 3-7 since they were so short.  For some reason I decided to say yes…  So in 24 hours, I worked 20 of them.  (And did I mention that at about 5 they asked if I would stay til 11….umm….yeah…no.)  Anyways, I am still trying to catch up from that craziness, so I guess I was still a little off my game today.  I was changing Grant’s diaper in the nursery and I saw/heard Eric heading into the bathroom.  I knew the toilet lid was closed, so I figured he’d be alright for a few seconds while I finished up.  He was alright…the toilet paper on the other hand….  Lesson learned.

3 Responses to Trouble…

  1. Gwen

    OH NO!!! That is hilarious!!! He’s making trouble already? You in for it with him.

  2. Sandy Hop

    Love it! Also, love the new look of your blog! It’s sooo springy!

  3. Jenny

    That is when you have to start pinching the roll so that they can’t just keep pulling the toilet paper until it is all gone and clogging the toilet. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…I’m just saying…