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Happy Friday

Posted by Elizabeth on February 19, 2010

The past several months have been a lot of ups and downs for me.  Between the fluctuating hormones of postpartum/breastfeeding, working in a new place, making new friends, and just getting used to working full time again, I have felt stressed and anxious far more than I ever have before.  The reason why I titled this happy Friday is that I am just that: Happy.

I don’t mean this to sound like I have been completely down and out.  But I am starting to feel like myself again.  Enjoying my life, my kids, cooking, crafting, everything.  I’m sure that the great sunshine that we have going on today is definitely helping with that!

I edited a few pictures in photoshop today:



I love playing with photoshop (and really love having my kids smile for the camera).

When I was taking the pictures of Grant, I would put the camera down and he would pick it back up, hand it to me, and say “cheese, mama, cheese.”  He cracks me up on all the things that are coming out of his mouth now.  Every day there are new words.

Question of the day:  What do you do with YOUR kids to keep the occupied and entertained during the long winter months?

We have been:

  • coloring
  • cooking cookies
  • teaching Grant how to wash walls after coloring on them
  • having mini nursery lessons
  • singing and dancing together
  • watching cartoons
  • going to the Children’s Museum
  • going to the gym (except when they were sick last week with RSV).

Please share your ideas!

One Response to Happy Friday

  1. Kristi

    Your boys are so cute! We’ve been having some fun in the snow. We also like to go to the play place at the mall. A little off topic, but would you be interested in being an author on a FHE blog my friend and I are putting together? It’s geared toward families with small kids. Let me know. :)