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Playhouse to build… you vote.

Posted by Chad on December 7, 2009

We are considering building a playhouse for the boys this spring.  Here are a few that I have found that I like.  Thoughts???



3. august-160 Click HERE to see more of this design.

7 Responses to Playhouse to build… you vote.

  1. Elizabeth

    My vote is #3, maybe that could help bias some of the voters…:)

  2. Janet

    Is this a joke?

  3. Joy

    Oh my heck…I guess I would vote #3 since it looks the simplest and the least GIRLIE! CRAZY!!! I love you hon, but please, please, please keep it simple.

  4. Sandy Hop

    whoa…those are crazy…
    As a mom of two boys, I vote for #3. Make sure the colors are manly!

  5. Bethany

    I am a horrible friend. Sorry I haven’t called you guys in soooo long. I thought I’d check your blog to see how you’re all ding. Wow, you’re busy people! Always taking on a new project. I love it… you inspire me! As far as the playhouses go, I’ have to say that #2 is my favorite. I think it would be awesome to slide out of my house! #3 is pretty cute too though.

  6. sarah

    I don’t care which one you build, but can I play in it? ;)

  7. Tina

    I like the one with the slide…though I really think they are all a bit fancy…a little simple house they could play in with an attached swing set/play area would probably pan out the longest…dunno what they’d do in it..but it might be okay for storage of outdoor toys if nothing else : )