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Posted by Elizabeth on November 20, 2009

Life has been busy lately.  Like usual.

In the past few weeks, we have built shelf organizers for the closets, patched and touch up painted the living room in the basement, installed a light fixture in the bathroom, raked and mowed the yard, cut down plants in the yard, and bought a new sectional couch.  And when I say we, I guess I really mean Chad.  Except for the sectional.  I helped buy that.  I’m pretty sure I’ve done something productive, but I may have to get back to you on that one. 

Within the next few weeks we may be able to consider our basement officially done.  I can hardly contain my excitment. 

Maybe I can be productive by taking pictures of all of Chad’s hard work:).   Well, that is when I get my new camera charger in the mail.  My other one is MIA.  I have a vague memory of bringing it to someone’s house, but I can’t remember whose or when or if that is even a real memory.  SO if you have a random camera charger at your house, let me know… 

I’ll also be posting pictures from my crafty little Twilight project.  Tonight I am going with a big group of girls from church, and I am planning on doing my best to fit in with the screaming teenage girls:). 

Oh…and one more thing.  Those of you who suscribe through google reader, check out the new blog theme/header.  Eric is officially a part of the family 6 and a half months later… :) .

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