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Did you know washers have filters?

Posted by Chad on November 10, 2009

For a couple of days now, our washer would stop washing and display F21, or SD errors. I am thinking great, my washer is smart enough to tell me what is wrong, but cannot fix itself.  Shoot, for $800 it should be able to do that. Oh well. 


So I searched Google (I love Google) to see what this silly error is for. It turns out that washer is having trouble draining properly. So I check the hose to see if it was a kink somewhere, nope.  At this point, I am starting to stress that this may become a $100 + repair.  So I went back to Google, and discover that there is a filter that you are suppose to check on occasionally.  


I then got out my drill and started to take off the front panel of the washer to locate this supposedly pump filter.   It was in the front, at least. The engineers were smart enough to put the pump there for not so smart people like me.  I then turned the filter cover, not thinking  water would be present, and the water came. CRAP! I now had a water mess to clean up, darn, I can’t blame Grant this time.  In the filter I found lots of coins, cash receipts, wrappers, screws, and pieces of papers.  So I cleaned it out, and then put everything back together.  Now everything seems to be working fine.  Problem resolved. 


Lessons learned:

Clean out my pockets, check filter more often, and be prepared to get wet. Here is some pictures of washer fun today.


5 Responses to Did you know washers have filters?

  1. Jenny

    Good job for figuring it out. I probably would have thrown my hands up in the air and made Jason deal with it.

  2. Rachel

    Geez! I didn’t know that. So do all washers have one?!?! Mmmmm…. I think I might be checking our good ole google myself :)

  3. Joy

    thanks for the heads up…I may be checking this soon since we have one too! btw…love your washer “stand” :D

  4. Elizabeth

    Quick disclamer….Chad wrote this post. Not me. I wish I could say that I figured that all out on my own, but like Jenny, I was just like “Chad the washer doesn’t work, please fix it.” Luckily he was able to do just that! We might even get to eat lunch at Costco tomorrow with all that money he found:).

  5. Joy

    Also glad to see Eric finally made it onto the header of your blog!! Love the new look!