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Happy Independence Day!

Posted by Elizabeth on July 5, 2009

I will say that one plus side of being eliminated from Saint Mary’s is that I didn’t have to work on the 4th of July this year.  I don’t get too many holidays off as a nurse, so I was very excited to be able to enjoy this one.

In the morning we went to the Grandville parade.  It truly is the best parade I have ever been to.  (Although not quite as humorous as the Sand Lake parade with every piece of tractor/farm equipment possible in the parade…).  The parade started with two jets flying overhead. Grant was very leery of the whole thing at first, but then he realized that the people going by were throwing candy and other treats at him.  He quickly decided that he really liked this parade stuff and would go right up to the people in the parade with his little hand outstretched.  He was so darn cute that the people would just dump handfuls of candy at him.  Just what he needed… tons of candy.  He wasn’t alone, his friends Thomas and Blake were enjoying the candy just as much.


But even better than the candy, were the popsicles.  And yes, my husband decided that it would be a good idea to give my two month old baby a taste of popsicle.  Heaven help us… 


One of the best parts for me was seeing my friend Jill in the parade.  She worked hard on the float for the scrapbooking store she works for and I think it turned out very cute.  The little girl in the braids is her daughter Sage (unfortunately she was facing the other direction).  As for Jill… I’m not sure if she meant to stick her tongue out at me, but that’s all I got for pictures…

And I am sure Eric loved the parade because he was able to be held and loved by some of his (and my) favorite people—The Emerys.

After the parade we went over to the Emery’s house for a cookout.  I was having such a good time talking to people, that I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures…  Luckily for me, Katie was able to grab my camera and snap a few pictures of what Grant does when nobody is paying too close of attention to him:).  I guess he was thirsty or something.

After nap time we were going to go back and watch the fireworks with the Emery’s, but I decided that keeping the boys up that late would not be a good idea.  Instead we went down to my parent’s house so I could put the boys to bed and enjoy the fireworks without a crabby toddler.  My brother-in-law Charles had picked up some fireworks in Indiana and put on a show for us.  One of them blew up pretty close to the ground and he ran faster than I have ever seen him run before.  It was really funny… it wouldn’t have been if he had gotten hurt…. but he didn’t, so we laughed.  :)


One Response to Happy Independence Day!

  1. jill s

    ok liz. i seriously am cracking up at that picture of me!
    i definetly didn’t mean to stick my tongue out at you!
    i think i was focusing on trying to get you the best goodies out of my bucket! :)

    what a fun day that was!!