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My list

Posted by Elizabeth on June 24, 2009

Even with all my extra time with not working, I haven’t been able to cross as much off of my list as I would hope.  I am really going to try to be able to cross several things off in the next few weeks.  Here are the things I have accomplished:

1. Paint basement.   I finished this on 6/5.  I think the easiest way to show it will be to take a walking tour with the video camera.  I will try to get that up soon!

23. Make a new friend  Really I have Gwen to thank for introducing me to Kourtni.  The greatest part is that she lives close by…Now I just need to get better at calling her to do things!

94, Learn how to use our lawn mower.  6/24.  I MOWED THE LAWN TODAY!  Chad doesn’t know it yet…boy will he be shocked.  I mainly did it because he has been working a lot of overtime lately and I am really missing him a lot.  I figure if I mow the lawn, that is more time that he can spend with me and the boys.  The lawn mower started up really easy, but I didn’t realize that it had autodrive (or whatever you call it) until I was on the flat backyard.  That may have been REALLY helpful when i was mowing the sloped front yard.  Oh well.  I at least got quite a work out….followed by a very cold shower!

100. Find/borrrow a crib/toddler bed for Grant 6/20 My sister had originally told her friend that she could borrow her crib, but her friend found or bought a different one, SO we were able to get her crib.  We now have her crib, cradle, changing table, most of her little kid toys and books, rocking horse and several other random items.  I sure do LOVE having a sister who finished having kids 4 years before I started.  It has really worked out to my advantage!

I guess I haven’t done as bad as I thought…but hopefully I can complete just as many in the next couple weeks!

2 Responses to My list

  1. Janet

    What a pleasure to have a sister that can use our hand me downs and truly appreciates it!!

  2. Kourtni

    I’m glad I could help with your list in a couple different areas :)