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101 in 1001

Posted by Elizabeth on May 30, 2009

Yay!!! My list is complete.  Thanks to Gwen for taking Grant for the weekend so I can actually get some rest and get some things done!! 

Click here to see the list.  It will always be available as one of my pages (viewable on the sidebar to the right). 

I did already complete one item on my list (and not intentionally.)

46.  Get a different job.    5/28/09

  • Wow finished this one quicker than I thought!  Got a random call from Metro Health offering me a per diem (on call/resource) position in their maternal/child department.  I start the beginning of July!

Hopefully I can use this list to keep myself motivated for the next few years (or at least give me something to do if I get bored!).


5 Responses to 101 in 1001

  1. jill s

    congrats on the new job! and way to go on the to do list!
    i’ve been doing good at getting my to do’s checked off this week too! :)

  2. Claire

    Do you know more than one Claire?? :D It not, I’m so excited about number 90!! Awesome list! I can’t wait to follow you as you accomplish everything. I love working on my list. (Though I haven’t been great about it lately…) And congratulations on the new job. That is awesome!

  3. Rachel

    Woohoo! That’s an awesome list!! I totally know what you mean by using it when you’re bored :) Now that Haley’s a lil older I have quite a bit of spare time and now I always have a list of things I can do with it!

    After reading your list, I found some in particular that we should meet up and do together… #13 Shedd Aquarium (I’ve always wanted to see it), #43. Nauvoo (I’m hoping to make it out that way sometime this summer!), #44 Wisconsin State Fair (I have no idea what this is… but I figure it will be fun!). Good luck on your list!!!

  4. Sandy Hop

    Way to go on the list! I know you asked me before, but I didn’t want to count out 1001 days, so I just gave myself 2 years. That’s only just over 700 days, but I figured that is plenty of time. I see a few resemblences between our lists! Perhaps we can do the zoo ones together!

  5. Joy

    Okay…I am proud of the list (I could never be organized enough to make one of my own)…but, I am a little bummed that I was not included in the travel section!! I mean come on, WI state fair over Minnesota? HELLO…do you know how many things there are to do over here?! Can you say Mall of America? Love you, you brat! :)