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Okay…i really need to get better at posting.  Here is my past almost two weeks in fast forward…  Wed March 5th: Bethany and Rory Miltgen went to Meijer Gardens with Grant and I to see the butterflies.  I think Rory has a crush on Grant.    Then I worked Thursday and Friday.Saturday: Our friends Kerrie and … Continue reading »

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Our new sitter.

Her name is Christine.  She lives only 5 minutes from us, is married, goes to GVSU for biomedical science, and we really clicked with her.  The other sitters…not so much.  One of them even seemed to be getting annoyed by Grant.  Good thing we had him help interview. Sarah and I went shopping at Target … Continue reading »

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Snowed in.

Well, I am not sure exactly how much snow we got last night, but when we woke up this morning everything was covered with white.  Church was cancelled…along with 200 other churchs in the Grand Rapids area.  Good thing that I didn’t have to work this morning.  Chad’s out shoveling the driveway…I’m going to go … Continue reading »

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We went down to Chicago this weekend to meet up with our friends Paul and Alisa from Wisconsin.  We stayed at a hotel over in Shaumburg and had quite the interesting experience with that.  It seemed like nothing in the hotel room worked…the microwave, the dishwasher, the drain…  We had so many problems, in fact, … Continue reading »

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Conquering the impossible

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, my parents are moving to Michigan.  They won’t be quite next door like they were in Wisconsin, but they will only be about twenty minutes as opposed to the current six hour drive through Chicago.  The only bad thing is that we are going to miss all … Continue reading »

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Fred Meijer Gardens

On Saturday we went to Fred Meijer Gardens with Paul and Alisa.  It is such an awesome place with lots of different plants and flowers from all over the world and has some really neat sculptures as well.  With Alisa being an art teacher, she absolutely loved it there.

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