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Recycled candles and painted mugs tutorial

I actually meant to post this tutorial several months ago, but somehow never got around to it… In trying to save money for Christmas, I decided to make many of my Christmas gifts.  In the end, I am not sure if I spent any less over all, but I had SO much more fun.  (And … Continue reading »

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A bit of craftiness.

So I made the comment to my mom today…"Don’t you just love that your daughter is getting crafty.  Especially since it means that you have to haul your sewing machine out that much more."  I figure eventually she will make me do all of the sewing myself, but for now she seems to really enjoy … Continue reading »

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My awesome project.

The Linen’s and Things by our house went out of business last week and I got some great deals at their store closing event.  I got two tableclothes for $9 and $4 (very pretty white and cream…I used them at Grant’s party), and four of these for $4 each: Now, if you are anything like … Continue reading »

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