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Children’s Museum

Thursdays nights are only a dollar at the CHildren’s Museum and Grant loves it there.  He especially loved moving himself around the mini kitchen.  I think Grant and I are going to be frequent visitors…or at least go back a few more times! Our friends Rachel and Haley came with us:     ————— Earlier in the day on … Continue reading »

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Babies babies babies

So I was scheduled 6 out of 7 days between Thursday and Wednesday.  Because we had been so slow I had expected that I would get called off at least 2 of those days.  The shift I worked before this stretch ended with six babies…when I came in on Thursday, there were 13 and we … Continue reading »

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my little floater


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Happy Fourth of July.

The Emery’s invited us to park in their driveway and walk the half a block from their house to the parade.  We had a great time…  The Yeates’ also joined us.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures:                           Sorry Michelle…i just had to                                                         Chase                   include the picture of you … Continue reading »

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Grant’s first bandaid.

How he does it, I am not sure.  It seems like if I turn my back for a second Grant finds another way to get into mischief and/or get himself hurt.  Well, last night we were at my parents house and just before we were going to leave, Grant somehow managed to smash his face … Continue reading »

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My little omnivore.

So I forgot to mention in my last post. One of the librarians referred to Grant as an omnivore today. Seeing as it has been been a little while since third grade science, I had to look it up at One of its meanings is ” a person who eats all kinds of foods”. … Continue reading »

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