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20 Minutes into the Future: The pilot is set in a Steam Punk

Endless Game: Infinite Mode. Final Boss: Oddly, though the mission is called “The Monolith”, the final boss is the Observer. Fire Breathing Weapon: There is a flamethrower weapon. Game Breaking Bug: It is possible to get stuck in certain areas. This is not made any better by the fact that the game encourages you to … Continue reading »

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Batman Gambit: The Fairy Queen and her realm pull one on the

Of course, there is a catch. Unless you have the ability to live without sleeping and eating, sooner or later you have to put down the weapon. If you’re the biggest badass in the room, there’s always the risk that somebody will slit your throat from behind. Plus, there’s always the problem of old age. … Continue reading »

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Good acorn crops can mean big time winter survival for mice

Think of this as your chance to be a CNN assignment editor. You’re my boss, in fact. (Dear people who pay me: Please keep doing that?) And as my new (and hopefully benevolent) Internet based overlord, you have every right to tell me these 20 ideas are junk. Fake Designer Bags Innovate: McGovern says that … Continue reading »

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Pyrrhic Victory: Frank rescues Karra and his unborn child but

Firing it risks breaking your hand. Heroic Sacrifice: Raiden. High Pressure Blood Hulking Out: Rare female example: Lucifer goes from silky smooth to rippling once the gloves are off. Infodump: An unnamed narrator explains the situation engulfing the first episode and briefly explains the unshown conclusion at the end of the last episode as well. … Continue reading »

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Berserker Tears: Byron has them in 2

She also makes references to fantasizing about Deckard from Blade Runner the last time she masturbated, but that he ended up being replaced by Pris, and considers Steph the openly gay drama club techie to be one of the coolest people at Blackwell. Angrish: Frank is reduced to the digital equivalent in an online conversation … Continue reading »

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REUTERS/Jerry LampenOther athletes might have endured lectures

buy canada goose jacket cheap Lane changing Kramer takes gold in oops Games buy canada goose jacket cheap Canada Goose Jackets VANCOUVER (Reuters) A coach split second lapse of concentration was all it took to add canada goose Sven canada goose store Kramer name to a roll call of athletes hit by mishap, mistake or … Continue reading »

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