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Tubing on the Muskegon River

  Saturday July 26 We went tubing with Sarah, Charles, Sherry, Kelly and a few of Kelly ‘s friends from work last Saturday.  Chad and I had never gone before so we really didn’t know what to expect.  It wasn’t anything super exciting…and afternoon of relaxing and floating and dipping in the water whenever you … Continue reading »

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A trip to the temple…

Chad and I have been trying to go to the temple every month this year.  We have been mostly successful in doing this because we usually meet up with Paul and Alisa in Chicago to go together.  So far summer has been crazy and so we missed June.  We were determined that we weren’t going … Continue reading »

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All good things must come to an end…

So Paul and Alisa left on the 23rd. We had such a great time with them here.  Them living in Wisconsin is the only thing that keeps Michigan from being the perfect place to live.  At least we get to go visit Chicage on a frequent basis to see them. My favorite parts of the … Continue reading »

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Sand Lake

My sister Janet owns a place up on Sand Lake.  Chad and I usually spend the majority of our summers up there.  For some reason, though, we haven’t made it up there nearly as much this year as we usually do (maybe it has something to do with having a child now and me working … Continue reading »

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Holland State Park

So to catch up a little more…. On Monday the 21st, we went to the Holland State Park with Paul, Alisa and Kaia.  Neither Grant or Kaia had ever been to the beach before so it was so fun to watch their faces as the waves splashed up and over them.  I’m not sure that … Continue reading »

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GR Public Museum

Our friends Paul and Alisa came to visit us from Wisconsin.  Between them visiting, working, and other craziness of summer, most of my home stuff (including blogging) has gotten neglected.  Lucky for me I have an amazing husband who cleaned the house, did laundry and made yummy lasagna for dinner.  All of this while I … Continue reading »

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